Search and Rescue

I became involved in SAR work in 2006 with my lab mix Marco. He was bored and destructive and I needed a way to give back to the community.

There are two types of SAR dogs, Live Find or Human Remains Detection.

Live Find dogs are either Tracking/Trailing Dogs or Area Search Dogs.

Tracking/Trailing Dogs are trained to sniff a article of clothing from a person and then follow the trail that person walked right to the person, ignoring any and all other scents both human and animal.
Area Search Dogs enter a area and using a grid pattern find any person in that area. They can be trained to use a scent article to locate only one person, like the trailing dog or they can be trained to enter a area and find any live person in the area.
Human Remains Detection Dogs are trained to find the dead.
The dogs are trained to locate and give a trained response to the scent of any human remains. The dogs learn to find buried, elevated and surface remains.

If you want more information please email or call.
We offer a free evaluation for you and your dog to see if you and your dog are a good fit for SAR work.

If you already have a trained SAR dog and need certification we offer that thru American Working Dog Association.
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