Facilities at Wilford Dog Training Academy are situated on 5 acres in the pinelands. Our only neighbor is a horse farm that is across the street from our school. We have the ability to teach everything from tracking to agility and advanced obedience right here on our property. The school has 3 fenced in play areas. We walk the dogs on the trails surrounding our facility as well. We have clients coming and going for boarding daycare and training so your pup will be well socialized. Also when needed, we take the pups to Lake Lenape for extra social skills. All the pups get to enjoy playtime with other pups of their own age and size to help with doggie social skills.

facilitiesIf your dog has special needs, a special diet or medications, just send them along with instructions and we will happily administer them. All the pups stay in a home based setting. We keep the environment here as stress free as possible to aide in their learning process. Their day starts bright and early! The pups are trained and exercised, they get leash walked and play with their friends.

Our “facility” is our home. We take a very limited number of in-house training dogs so wefacilities can fully focus on your fuzzy-family member. We are staffed 24/7 and open for tours of our home any day of the week. If you would like to stop by and talk about the needs of your pet please call or email first to be sure we will be able to sit and talk with you. Your pet will stay in our home like one of our own. If your pet would like a buddy while with us at school, we can arrange for that as well. The training yard is fully fenced in and your pet will be trained every day he is with us. They will also have inside “HouseTime”. This method means your pet is loose in our home supervised to learn house training and house manners. “House manners” means we teach your pet how to be a loving house pet, with love and patience. We are members of the American Boarding Kennel Association, Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Better Business Beaura.