Listening with distractions!

Hello! So you say your dog won’t listen with distractions or off your property or outside of class? What your missing is the over learning part of your dogs training. This means that the responses are not YET automatic. If you want your pup to listen under distraction then that is where you need to work him. How you would start this is take him to a area of low distraction first. Low distraction means a area where the distraction is at a great distance or it is a small distraction. When you start the training sessionĀ give high value rewards for every correct response, this will fade out over time. Once you have reliable responses with very little reward, you are ready to change locations but keep the distraction level low. Once you can change locations and keep your reliability THEN you can up the distraction. Remember when you change anything you need to up the reward until the responses are reliable. If you plan your training sessions and you are consistent your pup will be listening with high distraction in no time.